Our mission is to make the internet sound better. We believe that digital video creators deserve professional customized music and soundtracking even if they can't afford to hire a composer or music supervisor like TV and Film studios can. This is why we've created Tuney.

Tuney is the first creative tool and royalty free music platform to produce consistantly good music "automagically" and adapt it to video, podcasts, and other media.

By working with World Class musicians and automating the process of song finishing and arrangement, we can deliver soulful, quality music that is flexible, adaptive, affordable and always copyright safe across all platforms.

With Tuney, videos are analyzed to generate and deliver the perfect soundtrack every time. No endless stock music searches, no messy editing of stems in your video editing software. Just great music, magically adapted to your video.

Tuney was created by Grammy-nominated producer and composer Filip Mitrovic, Dr.Maciej Kurek and Antony Demekhin. Our offices are in Los Angeles and Warsaw.