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Tuney API

Tuney API

Royalty free music and soundtracking features for social video, directly in your app or content dashboard.

Our API delivers interactive, adaptive music features for content editing apps, audio streaming environments and metaverse platforms.

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Your music, editable and flexible. Provide stems for a single track or an entire catalog, and our platform will make it flexible and adaptive. Any length or arrangement, alter the build or peak, automagically.

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Versions, Remixes, Mash Ups

One song, infinite unique variations for NFTs and interactive fan engagements. Tuney’s algorithm can create musically unique variations without additional stems or input from the artist, or take existing audio material to remix one song, or many.

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Custom music, delivered faster and cheaper than manual production. Exclusive licenses or full buyouts (you own the music). Created tracks are fully editable and adaptive, whether it’s one song or an entire bespoke library and delivered in our proprietary FlexTrack™ format.

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Sonic Watermark

Add a brand melody, show theme or sonic element to any song in our library, automatically. Customized music results featuring your unique sounds, at library rates.

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